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Día de los Niños celebrates over 10 years in providing high quality Spanish classes to the Austin and surrounding areas.


We teach Spanish in a natural and fun way, introducing concepts through Music & Movement, Literature, Guided Play and Arts & Crafts.


We invite you to explore this short video outlining some of the benefits of early language education.






                                           -Vale por dos-


Spanish CD
12.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Songs to Learn Spanish Vol. 3


Casa             Xalteva

Casa Xalteva is a premier Spanish language school for visitors, backpackers, universities and expats alike located in Granada, Nicaragua.


They also work with children and teens in situations of risk and vulnerability. The primary goal of the program is prevention, so that these kids are able to break away from cycles of poverty and violence and generate positive changes in their own lives and of their community.  


As a social enterprise, our local children's program is completely funded by our Spanish Immersion Program and donations.


Casa Xalteva is currently offering engaging Spanish classes via Skype. 

Classes start at $10/hour. For more information visit their website-





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