Día de los Niños Spanish Enrichment Programs
Día de los Niños Spanish Enrichment Programs

Welcome to Día de los Niños Spanish Enrichment Program!

We are a Spanish Enrichment Program that has been serving Austin families for over 10 years.


We are pleased to offer variety of programs, including visiting Enrichment classes to preschools and Spanish Enrichment Fridays for the Alt-Ed Community.  In our classes you will find students learning language through stories, song, dance, art, free play and project-based learning.


Our program is unique in that it partners with parents to bridge learning from school to home.  Parents are encouraged to continue practicing throughout the week with their children and Día de los Niños provides the tools to do so.


Did you know...

Being bilingual is linked to a number of cognitive benefits


  • Helping to set the foundation for higher-order thinking

  • Enhancing problem solving skills

  • More economic opportunities 

  • Ability to identify with other cultures

Currently 1 in 5 children under the age of 5 speak 2 languages. 

- American Speech, Language, & Hearing Assn.


Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is theme based.  Spanish unfolds naturally through exploring topics relevant to the child's world.  


In our Alt-Ed Enrichment Programs we promote Spanish literacy, and provide students with the background to read and write in their second language.


Contact us to see about bringing Spanish to your school!



Discover the benefits of being bilingual!!!

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