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Día de los Niños was founded over 10 years ago when Felissa Taylor saw how her two boys were thriving in Spanish.


"I understood the benefits of raising a child with a foundation in 2 or more languages, and wanted to offer other families the opportunity to lay the groundwork for a second or third language to reap these rewards as well."


"I knew through research in Language Acquisition that a key part would be parent involvement. This therefore became one of the key foundations of our programs. Our families- and providing them with updates on what their children are learning, and the tools to bridge learning from school to home."


Over time the program has grown to provide Spanish to a variety of schools in Austin, Cedar Park, Bee Cave, and Round Rock, as well as offer private and group tutoring in the North Austin area.


¿Sabías qué..?

Learning a second or third language at an early age is linked to a number of benefits- 


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