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In infancy, children are distinguishing between languages, the brain pruning off those sounds that are uncommon to them.


Although the majority of children we serve are between the ages of 2 1/2 and 6, we partner with some schools to offer programs that begin as early as infancy so that children of all ages can benefit from growing accustomed to a variety of sounds.


As children develop physically, cognitively, emotionally and spiritually we support and develop their ability to make connections, draw conclusions, fine tune fine and gross motor skills, and take risks and gain confidence through language learning.


Just as each stage of development is different, the delivery of Spanish in each of the various stages are tailored to the child, and takes into account the whole child and their learning needs.


We offer a variety of Spanish options for schools- from parent funded Spanish Enrichment, school funded Spanish programs, or even special school presentations and staff development.


Get an early start in developing a rich foundation of language which will benefit children from years to come.


For more information contact us or 512.567.1321





Casa             Xalteva

The continuing conflict in Nicaragua has had dire effects on the people there. When traveling to Granada last year my sons and I instantly fell in love with this colonial town.


Casa Xalteva is a school located in Granada who works with children and teens in situations of risk and vulnerability. 

As a social enterprise, the local children's program is completely funded by the Spanish Immersion Program and donations.

Because of the downturn in tourism Casa Xalteva is one of the many organizations affected. To fund programming they are currently offering engaging Spanish classes via Skype- 


Classes are $10/hour. A great addition for parents and older siblings brush up on Spanish. For more information--


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