Spanish Enrichment Programs

Directors & Principals-- bring Spanish to your school!


Classes typically meet either for 30 or 45 minutes, once or twice a week, yet we are happy to accomodate your schools schedule.


Teacher Workshops are also available for Continuing Education Hours.


Día de los Niños is an approved vendor for some school districts in the Austin area.


For more info contact Felissa Taylor at or 512.567.1321

Private Individual & Group Classes

​​A limited number of private & group classes are available for all ages.


Classes for older students are made fun as we explore vocabulary through games, literature, project-based learning, as well as developing and maintaining dialogue essential for communication in Spanish.


Día de los Niños also brings learning outside of the classroom, through providing opportunities to practice outside of the classroom, getting students into the community to truly see the importance of communication in another language.


Rates for Private Individual & Group Classes vary according to the number of students.


For more info contact us at or 512.567.1321





¿Sabías qué..?

Learning a second or third language at an early age is linked to a number of benefits- 


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Second Language/Bilingualism at an Early Age


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