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In infancy, children are distinguishing between languages, the brain pruning off those sounds that are uncommon to them.


We offer programs that begin early so that children can benefit from growing accustomed to a variety of sounds.


As children age we support and develop a child's ability to make connections, draw conclusions, and take risks in language learning.


Our classes are customized to meet the needs of the students and we offer a variety of Spanish options for schools, from infancy to elementary.


Provide your little ones with an early start in developing a rich foundation of language which will benefit them from years to come.


For more info contact Felissa Taylor at or 512.567.1321





New Spanish CD Released!

Songs to Learn Spanish vol. 3 bridges learning from the classroom to home-


These 15 beachy tunes will have your child learning and dancing to esssential vocabulary such as colors, days of the week, greetings, clothing, and more.


All songs written & performed by Felissa Taylor, and professionally recorded in Austin, TX- 


It's sure to be a hit!


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