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Experience the Joy of Learning Spanish with Dia de los Niños Curriculum

Designed especially for teachers with limited knowledge of the Spanish language, our Día de los Niños Spanish Curriculum is the perfect tool to introduce young students to Spanish.

Each lesson plan is carefully crafted with engaging activities and materials that are both fun and educational. Give the students at your school a head start in learning a language that will open up a whole new world of opportunities!

20 Themes - Endless Possibilities 

At Día de los Niños, we understand the importance of early language education. Our Spanish Curriculum is designed to provide a solid foundation for your child's language development. With 20 themes, our curriculum offers focus vocabulary, resources, and activities that will keep your child engaged and excited to learn. Our program provides enough content for an entire school year. Start your child's Spanish language journey today with our comprehensive program!

Year Round Support for Staff

Our Spanish Workshops are tailored to provide your school and staff with the necessary support to ensure success. We understand that learning a new language can be intimidating, but we make it easy.


Spanish is very phonetic, what you see is what you get. Our first training will lay the foundation for success by showing how easy it is to read and pronounce Spanish. You'll be surprised at how quickly your staff will become confident in their Spanish abilities, building a stronger sense of community within your school, as native Speakers traditionally have been very encouraging and supportive in helping their non-native colleagues.

Follow up Spanish Workshops explore some 'roses and thorns' that staff is experiencing along the way, and solutions to bumps in the road. With over 20 years experience with children, and a background and in Linguistics, our founder Felissa Taylor provides support in a way where staff feels listened to and supported.

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At Dia de los Niños, we believe that investing in our curriculum and trainings is a cost-effective way to provide Spanish education to early childhood students. Not only will your teachers be empowered with the tools they need to effectively teach Spanish, but you will also save time and money by not having to engage additional 3rd party vendors. Our curriculum is designed with high-quality lessons that are tailored to early childhood students, making it easy and fun for them to learn and understand Spanish.

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